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HSE Coordinator

All of our systems are capable of integration into a complete system that we developed whilst working for one of the countries leading forecourt retailers. This system can be used by both large and small retailers and It addresses the key questions, which most senior managers in any organisation will be asking themselves, and these are:

1. What information is available to assure me that throughout the organisation arrangements to control site specific health and safety risks are: 

a)     in place;
b)     comply with the law as a minimum;
c)     operate effectively; and

2. That the health and safety information is:

a)     up-to-date;
b)     relevant;
c)     practical; and
d)     comprehensive.

The full Health, Safety and Environmental Coordination system is A practicable solution, to meet any business's requirements irrespective of size and ensures that all your information is one place and also ensure that;

a)     All relevant site documents are centrally located to facilitate the regular review of those documents for which there is a legal requirement; and

b)     that the documents are readily available for making the revisions;

c)     Keeping up to date - with changes to each site's statutory documents which are reviewed when changes are made to its associated structure, plant, equipment, maintenance procedures, new legislation, best practice; and

d)     Efficient use of time - the system in it's current format and layout requires no specialist training or systems;

The information contained within the system is all of an essential nature, that would be required by CDM coordinators, designers, principal contractors for all Petrol Filling Station projects, for example, re-tanks, re-pumps, and knock down - re-builds. It also contains all of the necessary information to demonstrate compliance with various statutory regulations, ACoP's and best practice within the industry. 

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